Thursday, April 24, 2014

An indisputably Failed State: Savagery, Genocidal Attitude and the Soulless Leaders

Pathetic and excruciatingly sad! That’s what I’d say about what is happening in South Sudan. I’m sorry for only a small number of South Sudanese will like this article.
No one in South Sudan can assume a moral pedestal. While some people/tribes may carry more blame than others, it’s not presumptuous or erroneous to say that we are all to blame; one way or another! And I’m going to be unprecedentedly harsh to everyone in South Sudan. I’m going to offend people I shouldn’t, perhaps, offend. However, I’d want every South Sudanese to know that this is now our problem. Initiated by the weak and incompetent leadership of President Kiir and exacerbated by Riek Machar’s ambition for power, the problem has now become an inconvenience or a fatal danger for everyone.

Some Jonglei State residents are now in the Equatorias and causing inconveniences to the local residents; Nuer people feel insecure in areas controlled by their own government; rebels are slaughtering civilians like chickens, and the government has absolutely no interest in either ending
the war or protecting civilians.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heed the cry of the Southern child, Mr. Obama!

Photo: Reuters
I’d assume there are many, bigger challenges you are dealing with: Russia-Ukraine, Syria, Palestine-Israel, selling Obamacare …etc. I’d also assume the mentioned problems are more important that the Sudanese mother and child lives. And I know there are times when you have to do exactly the very same thing your conscience tells you not to do…because you are in the ‘White House.’
I know you are a humble man and you respond to issues some people may assume to be beneath your personality and stature of presidency. However, should this message reach you, then, I know, young South Sudanese will really appreciate you talking directly to them.

I don’t beat about the bush because leaders understand critical issues better when presented to them in non-traditional methods. I don’t spare leaders when I feel their performances do little to save the lives of innocent civilians. However, I’ll spare you for a lot has already been said. And you aren’t a South Sudanese leader! I might contradict myself in the process and don’t spare you as such! Who knows?

Friday, April 4, 2014


With no question, United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), like South Sudanese civilians, has had it rough for the last few months. And this can be blamed on a number of factors. Regrettably, some of these factors include the following: UNMISS officials’ negligence, naivety; South Sudanese officials’ incompetence and vain arrogance, ignorance and blind support among South Sudanese populace. All these have the effect of embarrassing South Sudan.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Joint Administration and UN Trusteeship insulting but not outlandish

South Sudan’s young scholars, Nhial Tiitmamer and Abraham Awolich, wrote a remarkable policy update paper for their weekly review for The Sudd Institution on March 11, 2014. In that paper, Nhial and Abraham presented arguments against two different proposals presented by ‘South Sudanese analysts’ as possible ways forward for South Sudan. The said two methods are UN Trusteeship and a Joint